Challenges Faced by Companies in Fintech

Revolution With the tremendous growth in the financial services industry with the boom of fintech start-ups and companies after the coronavirus pandemic, there have been some key challenges faced by the industry in dealing with the trends in innovation, consumer experience, and globalization.    Innovation With the constant disruption of trends and innovation of financial …

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Is Fintech Already Past Its Prime?

Fintech has been one of the most exciting and booming industries over the past decade and has only seen more growth since the start of the pandemic. The need for contactless payment methods and to be able to access all financial information from home has led to incredible new startups entering the space globally. Especially …

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Latin American Fintechs Gain Global Recognition

Over the past decade, and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the fintech industry has taken off in ways unforeseen. The need for contactless payment methods and secure ways to invest in digital currencies has led to incredible innovations from nearly all corners of the world. Some regions have even had most prosperity in fintech and …

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