Making Mortgages Leaner and Greener : A Case Study by Park Financial

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Park Financial, one of the Ireland’s largest independent mortgage brokers has been utilising OnlineApplication’s software to provide a more efficient and greener solution for its clients.

The company was founded and is led by industry veteran Gerry Hiney for over 25 years. Over that time Gerry has seen major advancements in the industry and one of the key changes has been on how people are now applying for mortgages. 

“Traditionally the industry was dominated by reams of paper and many client meetings but now the whole process can be managed online with meetings and consultations kept to a minimum.”

The Online Application solution allows customers to commence their mortgage journey online with their smartphone or PC and all documents can be collected and submitted to a lender without a requirement to print a single document.

“In order to attract Millennials and Gen Z clients, or anybody with time constraints, we needed an online solution that could help us deliver a digital mortgage to our clients, and we also needed to be greener than we traditionally were. Each application has on average 80 pages so for every 125 applications that we digitise we save 1 tree” 

Gerry also likes to emphasise that the team in Park can provide the online journey or you can still get your advice from them face to face

By integrating Online Applications software into their operations, Park Financial successfully overcame key challenges, improving operational efficiency, client experience, compliance and making the whole end to end process greener. The adoption of cutting-edge solutions not only met the demands of the modern mortgage industry but also positioned the brokerage for sustained growth in a competitive market.

For inquiries or to learn more about Park Financial’s journey and services, please contact:

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