What makes a Saas Product great?

June 29, 2021
Anjali Prasad

SaaS is a statistical software suite used for data management, predictive and advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, BI and deep investigation. This was developed by the SaaS institute and has become a leader in analytics, creating  more effective place in the workplace. 

The workplace that uses SaaS is known for its impact in encouraging  innovation and employees through the challenging and critical business challenges that need to be addressed. SaaS and its employees use its analytics to find a way to find solutions to the outbreak of coronavirus by developing ways to help the community and customers improve health and decrease the spread. SaaS is highly reputed in terms of the companies that care for their employees and their well-being. 

SaaS provides a supportive environment for employees to create highly effective work and analysis. The advancement of analytics has improved the efficiency of hospitals tackling addiction to reducing fraud in banking, improving customer experience, and facilitating students to succeed in college. SaaS encourages its customers all around the world to become comfortable with the shift of data into intelligence. THE POWER TO KNOW facilitated by SaaS bridges the transformation of modern day business intelligence. 

Valuable for businesses to approach machine learning and artificial intelligence, SaaS is named the analytics software giant in the “world best multinational workplace” by The Great Place to Work Institute. 

SaaS 4th generation programming language provides users with formats and informants that enable them to extend capabilities with their own user defined formats. The programming language is made up of two parts: the data step and the procedures written to perform the functions of analysis and reporting. This highly sought after programming language comes with a macro facility which allows programmers to have an easier way to create blocks of repeatable code, shared along their network and parameters to allow for greater flexibility and use. The initial object oriented languages run within SaaS is called SCL which is used with SaaS/AD and other web interfaces such as html, JavaScript, ASP. Using screen control language and web interfaces to develop applications, there is an embedded process within SaaS which allows for data transformations and model logic in another oriented language called DS2. To push forward the transparency of the SaaS platform, the FedSQL language was added within the BASE SAS to make it simpler to run ANSI-based SQL on the platform. This is a great prep in the processing environments as a faster, highly efficient processing environment is created to serve both customers and employers with powerful dynamic options. 


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