Top 3 OnlineApplication Alternatives & Competitors

June 29, 2021
Anjali Prasad


User reviews for OnlineApplication on G2 provide alternatives to computing tools that OnlineApplication provides. Few of the best alternatives to OnlineApplication, voted as the best overall competitors are Encompass Digital Mortgage Solution, LendingPad, Floify, and TurnKey Lender. They have similar reliability and use as the software OnlineApplication provides their customers and lenders with. 


  1. Encompass Digital Mortgage Solution

Customer reviews from individuals like Mortgage Lending Sales managers, Mid-Market business with companies of 50-100 employees, state that Encompass aides in the process of creating 100’s of disclosures and finding rates. Encompass allows the buyer to be fully aware of each step in the process from their rate, payment, and closing costs, down to their last penny. Encompass allows the buying process of the customer to be easy and make your job look professional. Scoring an average of  7.7/10 for Ease of use, 8.2/10 for Quality of Support, and an average score of 7.8/10 for Ease of Setup on User Ratings. 

Customer feedback states that the dislikes of this software are around the lag time,, .NET update that continuously reoccurs, inability to move a field and search for a field. This makes the process difficult to work with for people when other people are in the file. There is an inability to view the uploaded document from the list of what has been uploaded w/o downloading the file. A strengthened file manager would benefit the ease of administrator use for Encompass software. 

  1. Lending Pad

Lending pad allows for a variety of loan solutions for mortgage bankers, lenders, banks and institutions. For a broker edition of $40/user/month, this platform was designed to reduce the costs of mortgage lending as well as strengthen communications by using cloud based solutions from end to end features from MLO app, documentation management, processing and fulfillment functionalities. 

Customer review of LendingPad state of their satisfaction with the navigation, effortless ease of understandability, provision of training videos aids in the time spent on understanding. The Chat functionality is highly praised in regards to service help and efficiency of the overall process. The credit report and DO can be done with the click of a button, print the form and create custom orders, order VOE and edit titles directly from the system. The help desk’s responsiveness allows for the robust management system and the processor offered by Lending pad allows for effective management of over 100+ files at a given time period. This allows for an easy web based system similar to OnlineApplication which allows for easy to generate reports, mortgage insurance companies generating MI quotes, and ability to view multi page documents, and split apart and reorder documents. 

The customer User reviews are very highly rated with an average of about 8.2/10 for Ease of Use, 7.9/10 for quality of Support, and 8.2/10 for Ease of Setup.

  1. Floify

Floify is an automated solution for the mortgage industry that allows for easy loan acquisition process through easy communications and document management via the portal which is shared between elders, borrowers, real estate agents, referral partners, and other stakeholders. Used to document, collect, and verify borrower documents, track the ongoing process, communicate between the borrowers and agents, and make the loan process faster and easier than ever done before by traditional financial institutions. 

This easy to use 1003 mortgage loan application is embedded on the lenders website which is customized to that specific loan file which allows for a fully efficient and unique user experience. The loan’s status gets updated automatically, with email and text notification alerts. This reliable system is highly viewed by customers who are involved in the mortgage process.

Customers state that they highly benefit from the ability of PDF files to be broken o into separate documents and the E-signing feature allows for amplified ease. Especially if you have a lot of loans in the business, it can quickly become tedious to meet different timeless loans. With Floify, the most common customer complaint is the lack of customization features and the inability to have several different landing pages based on the customers needs, and loan programs. Exiting pages is something they are in the works to make as an improvement feature on Floify. Floify has an average User rating of 8.2/10 for Ease of Use and 7.9/10 for Quality of Support.

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