Mortgage Industry News Sites

December 13, 2020
Antonio Flores

The mortgage industry is a complicated world, encompassing all kinds of legal, economic, and social trends. It is frequently difficult to keep up with everything going on relating to the technology, finances, and politics involved. For laymen and mortgage professionals alike, it is important to know what is happening. On the Internet, there are a great variety of mortgage news outlets which provide information on all the latest happenings in the industry. Here are some profiles of a few. 

The first kind of mortgage news source is blogs specifically dedicated to producing news related to the mortgage market. They have names like “” and “”. For example, on the header of the former site, they have columns dedicated to FHFA, IPOs and SPACs, Earnings, and Racial Bias in the mortgage industry. These websites are also associated with various industry-related gatherings and promotions for those interested.  National Mortgage News is connected to the September 21, 2021 Digital Mortgage Conference. Some of these sites provide step-by-step guides through the mortgage process. The Mortgage Reports has guides to refinancing, buying, owning, and selling a home, building good credit, the types of loans available, and how to begin investing in real estate. These sites also contain conveniences like calculators for total loan prices and other services that help buyers evaluate their home prices. 

Another type of mortgage news is that provided by mainstream business news outlets. For instance, MSNBC has a column with several articles on the mortgage industry released every week. In many other cases, such as at the Wall Street Journal, there are columns dedicated to the general commercial real estate market, which contain many articles about mortgage news but are not themselves dedicated purely to mortgage markets. In still others, such as on, there are partner outlets who make content related to loans or mortgages, and share that content on the business section of the website. Mainstream media provide another valuable source of information on the mortgage industry. 

To conclude, there are a variety of different sources from which you can get news on the mortgage industry. They provide many levels of depth, a variety of perspectives, and information on all aspects of the process around the US. From these sites, an observer can learn the basics of the mortgage process, get updated on the latest events, and get connected to people in the industry both locally and around the United States. 

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