Industry Leaders and Advice on How to Overcome Challenges

July 13, 2021
Anjali Prasad

As Fintech is transforming on a day to day basis there is a higher need for industry leader advice to assess the current and future trends which have been identified by the industry. This has informed aspiring fintech startups and leaders to consolidate views and opinions on the industry in order to have a stronger foundation for success within the Fintech sector.


  1. Strategic Hiring and prioritization of team talent and expenses

Ensuring you have a strong team as the backbone of your company’s goals will allow for steady growth and progression towards raising capital, project development, targeting the correct market, and growing in the sector. As much as there is importance of a well thought out strategy and demand for the product or service, it is important to make sure that the people behind this growth are working in cohesion and the hiring process is a careful and decisive process. Fostering good connections between team members makes for a happier and more productive team. Making sure of a healthy work environment ensures everyone is motivated on the same mission and using their skills to the best of their abilities.


2. Team Unity, giving people a voice to rise to the challenge

While hiring good talent is necessary, Fintech leaders make it a point to develop good team culture and ensure that everyone is treated with utmost fairness, given a sense of worth and importance within the company’s progress. This helps avoid legal problems as well as ensures team cohesion and unity. Defining the roles and responsibilities of individuals would ensure that each person is getting the most out of their job and contributing in a way that their work is meaningful and necessary. 


3. Keep in mind your Commitments to the Customer

Ensuring that the customers best interest are in mind throughout the process of developing a business plan to the execution by its employees, allows for the common goal of alleviating the customers problem and filling the needs of the market. Without a clear picture of what the commitments are of the business to the customers, there will be a lack of vision and inability to follow the trends of the market and keep up with competition. 


4. Shift your focus from short term goals to survival mode 

At any point, there could be a pivot in the market, forcing the organization to adapt to an unforeseen circumstance, such as the pandemic where there had to be a new sense of stability within an organization in order for it to adapt, innovate, and assess measures. Keeping in mind that there could be a drastic switch in terms of the market, companies should be in survival mode to ensure the well being of their employees, customers, and business assets. 

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