Customer Testimonials

June 29, 2021
Anjali Prasad

Online Application is B2B Saas that allows clients to complete a mortgage application in 7 minutes, making mortgage acquisition faster than it has ever done before. This software is widely used by brokers or lenders- In support of Arabic, English, Hindi, Spanish, and Urdu languages. Founded in 2019 by Karl Deeter, Online Application has a wide variety of customers pleased with their experience on this platform for mortgage and financial services acquisition. Customers on have a wide variety of highly rated reviews.

Customers state that this is a “Game Changed for Mortgage Brokers in Ireland”. The fact that clients can upload the documents without a third party involved, as well as the automation of previous manual tasks allows for the fast and seamless process. Clients owning small businesses of 50 employees or smaller are able to get real-time information about their mortgage application without having the need to contact support and reach out for help. This reduced the time spent on having to complete previous tasks that were time consuming and tedious. Customers state that they are able to mage “38 hours pw ” in time from the automation that OnlineApplication’s platform allows. For many small businesses, they are able to leverage their competitors by offering this tech solution to enhance customer experience in financial acquisition. 

Other customers who run brokerage on this platform have stated that this mortgage platform “does everything you need”.

From customer acquisition, document gathering, compliance, and GDPR, this platform has allowed for open banking, emails and other features in the same place. Businesses are able to acquire clients at an exponentially greater speed, gather all the required information and documents, calculate loan amounts, package and send for underwriting- all of which the system automatically underwrites in a matter of minutes. This highly friendly user interface for both workers and clients is evolving in ways that soon other financial platforms will struggle to keep up with in terms of efficiency. 

Fast and efficient, less time is spent on scanning, printing, and sending applications and the efficient system allows for a day to day working environment to be much easier with the easily understandable and accessible tools which it provides. 

With constant support in regards to minor glitches in the documentation uploading software in the past, these minor bugs are fixed with great customer service and response times. Any elements that any customer stated they were not 100% satisfied with, the team implemented quick fixes. The level of collaboration within the team at OnlineApplication allows for the ongoing success and adaptation of the platform to other companies and processes. 

Ideas for implementation by customers are related to a feedback form for clients to fill out as well as a plan to integrate a way to run reports on the platform. As more lenders get integrated on the platform, more testimonials for feedback, the team is on a mission to  make everything bigger, faster, and better in the future!

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