Advice from Industry Leaders in Fintech

June 20, 2021
Anjali Prasad


By the year 2025, Fintech’s global  market will be  valued at an estimated amount of $305.7 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.17% over the next 4 years.




While the pandemic has paralyzed a large part of our lives, and business closing down the need for in person staff. While business closures are at a forefront, there is a positive side to this recession. With innovations making an exponential rise, for many businesses things are looking good. At the forefront of innovation and evolution, fintech takes the cake.

From digital banking and lending to the rise in trust of cryptocurrencies and digital finance tools, the business leaders of Fintech are shaping the future of innovative technology, customer experience, and business models.


Adam Ludwin, CEO – Chain

Chain is a Fintech company that builds blockchain software and sells it to financial institutions like NASDAQ, Visa, and Citigroup. Adam Ludwin states that by creating a blockchain accounting model, allowing for more secure and easier manageability of assets in the back end of their transactional office. While helping the institutions connect to other blockchain networks and public blockchain networks.

Adam states that in an institutional setting or non institutional setting – using blockchain is a means of increasing integrity, or trust in them through the decentralized model. When it comes to China, blockchain is as “relevant” as an accounting model as it is a mechanism to create decentralization. Can be looked at as a tool among many software tools, which can be used to create more trust from third parties or to enable trusted networks with  third parties without an intermediary. Without a predetermined intermediary like Bitcoin- when creating an alternative payment method, resistant to censorship, there comes a means for transactions within a network without strict capital controls. The technology is valuable when customers and institutions see that technology is able to cryptographically ensure that there is no manipulation by third parties, company members, or hackers nonetheless. Therefore creating robust security of transparency in innovation.


Albert Goldstein, CEO – Avant

Avant, an online lending platform offering better financial products and services to top tier investors such as RRE, QED, DFJ, KKR, Tiger Global, August Capital, General Atlantic, Hyde Park Venture Partners, and Origin Ventures- raised over $600 million. Founded Pangea properties prior to Avant and founded innovaa which he sold to Cash America in 2006. 

In his time growing companies rapidly, he states that the culture is difficult and constantly investing in a clear vision of what the company is accomplishing and the culture mindset. Transparency at the highest level and communication is necessary at such a high scale. Internal promotion and allow for growing in your roles. 

Al Goldtein stated in an interview in 2015 that he believes that constant iterating and being okay with change is necessary for growing long term in any market.


Brain Armstrong, Founder & COO –  Coinbase

The digital currency exchange platform Coinbase, founded and COO Brain Armstrong is considered to be one of the most influential individuals in the space of Bitcoin. 

Coin Based culture is focused on creating a champion team mentality. Brain Armstrong makes it a point to focus on mission and creating the biggest impact on the world. While focusing on building on the mission and around what it isn’t, while focusing on what is important and what we have in common, creating cohesion and unity within the team, creating a positive environment among teammates by building trust, and putting the  mission of the company above individual goals.  Brain details in his post about Coinbase- to build great products millions of people can be able to use them. 

When focusing on the mission, building great products, sourcing top talent, enacting fair practices, and enabling a sense of belonging within the work environment fosters success and missionary success within an organization. To prevent an internal disagreement and bitterness within a company that companies like Google and Facebook have had, ensuring efforts to maintain these key qualities have to be united and making progress to an important mission. To be respected in the workplace, felt of value, laser focused on the mission, and allowing for  a welcoming environment where they can contribute is essential to destroy the internal divide within a company. To create an open financial system and create economic freedom, Armstrong states Coinbase mission of creating the easiest to use and most trusted financial products to tether the line of people to crypto economy can “move the needle on global economic freedom”.

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