The US Lags Behind Other Countries in Open Banking Regulations

Open banking is when a financial institution (FI) enables another bank, fintech, and/or a third-party provider (TPP) to access a customer’s data through application programming interfaces (APIs), provided the customer has given their explicit consent. Historically, customer data is considered secured information that is owned by the FI and is used only at the FI’s …

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Coinbase Makes Steps Towards Going Public

Cryptocurrency news has been sweeping the fintech world almost nonstop this entire year, but especially over the last few weeks. Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s announcement that he was purchasing €1.2 billion in bitcoin and that Tesla would soon accept it as payment sparked companies such as Square, parent company of Cash App, Mastercard, and PayPal …

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Kenya Makes Major Strides in Fintech

COVID-19 has perhaps been the biggest recent reminder of just how global and interconnected our world has become over the past few decades. Similarly to how people have gained the ability to travel virtually anywhere on the planet and that more people will gain the accessibility to do so over time, knowledge has also gained …

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