Top 5 Trends to Watch in the Mortgage Industry in 2021

The mortgage industry broke records last year as the actions by Central Banks around the globe, who were gripped by the coronavirus pandemic, brought interest rates to record low levels. The reaction to these rates saw a massive increase in loan originations not only for new home purchases but for home refinances too. Other factors …

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Banking Technology Trends for 2021

Financial technology, often shortened to fintech, has been making great strides in improving financial industries. Examples of markets that have improved due to fintech include the mortgage lending and insurance industries. Another industry that will begin to implement these revolutionary technologies is the banking industry. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every facet of human life, …

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Three Trends in Mortgage Tech to Look Out For 2021

Last year, the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic changed many things. As we deal with its effects, many companies have had to alter their processes to stay profitable and keep up with their competition. Technology has been utilized like never before and we can only expect this to continue into 2021. The mortgage industry has …

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