KPMG’s New Tech Competition

KPMG is a multinational professional services network. The Ireland branch is starting a new competition that will seek out the best tech innovator in the country. This competition will be accessible to tech entrepreneurs and start-up companies in Ireland that are either tech-enabled, tech-driven, tech-led, or plain technology.  Technology companies that apply must have operated …

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What will Fintech replace?

  Nowadays, the world’s largest banks are being forced to adjust to new realities as start-up entrepreneurs challenge traditional financial institutions’ authority and monopoly. Fintech startups, for example, are widely used by customers in both developed and emerging economies. Their benefit is that they provide clients with simple, convenient, transparent, and more personalized solutions. Since …

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FinTech and blockchain

  Blockchain and cryptocurrencies appeared in 2008. And this influenced the development of financial relations. For the first time, financial transactions became anonymous and decentralized. This is how the principle of decentralization began to develop.  Everyone could “make money” for themselves, create their own cryptocurrency and provide it with something. Thus, the world of finance …

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