Biometrics in the Mortgage Industry

Digital banking and online mortgaging have become a hit in the last year. As a whole, we have seen the financial services sector transfer to being digital. With this transition comes the great liability of security. Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) is becoming outdated, having many shortfalls as the world enters the digital age, leading the industry …

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How to Protect Your Cryptocurrency

As many people transition their physical currency to digital currency, it is important to know how to protect it. There is the never-ending, lingering threat to your cryptocurrency to be hacked. Here are 6 steps to take to protect your digital investment.   1. Use a cold wallet for a majority of your cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency …

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Distributed Ledger Technology in the Mortgage Industry

The pandemic-influenced transition of the mortgage industry in 2020, from in-person meetings and manual processing, to automated end-to-end self-service for the customer and the lender, was an abrupt change and for most lenders & brokers, unplanned.  The urgency to transition quickly did not allow for in-depth research and purposeful discussions regarding options for the required …

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