Stripe Backs New Fintech Startup Ramp

Stripe is easily one of the most innovative and exciting companies to follow in the fintech world, as they have a notable reputation for being very forward thinking and risk taking. Their primary focus is being a payment processing company for e-commerce sites, partnering with companies such as Shopify, a website curator for e-commerce businesses. …

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Future FinTech Acquires Chinese Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has been one of the, if not the absolute biggest trend in fintech over the past year and a half. Events such as Tesla CEO, as well as now world’s richest man, Elon Musk purchasing over €1.3 billion in bitcoin in an effort to accept the crypto for Tesla purchases has shifted …

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Britain Outlines Fintech Movement Post Brexit

After Brexit segregated Britain from the rest of the EU, many industries, including financial and the rapidly expanding fintech market, were at a loss at how they could remain competitive in the nearly 130 billion pound finance sector. In order to face this hurdle, Britain’s government has reviewed its financial policies to perhaps better retool …

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