Rebound of Residential Construction in Ireland

Following the end of lockdown restrictions on the building sector in Ireland back in April, home construction has been on a strong rebound. According to the most recent GeoView Residential Buildings Report, almost 19,000 houses were under construction throughout June. This figure is a 38.4 percent increase from the previous year.  The CEO of GeoDirectory, …

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ESB Makes Cuts To Mortgage Rates

Many EBS customers will be able to save on their current mortgages after an announcement from the building society made a statement that the company will be cutting its three- and five-year mortgages by 0.15 percent. The new rate came into effect last Thursday. EBS is a financial institution of Ireland that services over 400,000 …

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How to Fix Ireland’s Housing Crisis?

According to the Central Statistics Office of Ireland, residential home prices have gone up a whopping 74.5 percent from 2013 to 2019. This is a striking figure because average income has only gone up by 12 percent.  Rent prices have also increased significantly in this same period. A lease increase of 55.1 percent from 2013 …

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Irish Lenders Checklist

If you’ve finally had your eyes on your dream home and are ready to make one of the biggest purchases of your life, few will pay with cash but most will have to get a mortgage loan from their lender. While this process used to be looked at as tedious and time consuming in the …

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Biometrics in the Mortgage Industry

Digital banking and online mortgaging have become a hit in the last year. As a whole, we have seen the financial services sector transfer to being digital. With this transition comes the great liability of security. Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) is becoming outdated, having many shortfalls as the world enters the digital age, leading the industry …

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Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan Program Set to Increase Income Cap

The Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan program will be increasing the income limits for those that qualify. Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan is a government-backed mortgage for first-time homebuyers. The program was established in 2018 so these first-time homebuyers could get a mortgage after being denied from private lenders and banks. These loans can go towards new, …

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