Distributed Ledger Technology in the Mortgage Industry

The pandemic-influenced transition of the mortgage industry in 2020, from in-person meetings and manual processing, to automated end-to-end self-service for the customer and the lender, was an abrupt change and for most lenders & brokers, unplanned.  The urgency to transition quickly did not allow for in-depth research and purposeful discussions regarding options for the required …

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Expected Mortgage Technology Innovations for 2021

Coming off a year in which we dealt with one of the unexpected and detrimental events, the Covid-19 pandemic, it is good news to know that many things will change in 2021. The mortgage industry is one that will experience lots of changes and look different starting now. With how technology has been improving in …

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Three Innovations Changing the Mortgage Industry

With new technologies popping up in many industries, it is important for companies to stay updated on trends so that they don’t miss out on opportunities for improvement. Looking at the mortgage lending industry specifically, this could not be more true. Mortgage technology is changing the mortgage process for the better and both lenders and …

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