OnlineApplication Partners with Independent Property Price Index

NovaUCD company Independent Property Price Index (iPPi) has chosen to collaborate with our company, OnlineApplication, to help improve customer service. With OnlineApplication specializing in mortgage technology and iPPi specializing in property technology, this duo will work very well together to make the mortgage process faster and easier. Founded by Kenneth Kelly, iPPi is a digital platform …

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Why your business should know about Fintech

The way businesses operate has fundamentally changed as a result of technological advancements. One example is financial technology. It has transformed the way small, medium, and large businesses process and uses their financial data. However, there is a great deal of both accurate and incorrect knowledge about financial technology, as for any other technological advancement. …

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History of FinTech

    Financial technology helps financial services and companies manage the financial aspects of a business.  These include: – Software – Applications – Processes – Business models. Fintech companies are often associated with start-ups in markets that were previously dominated by banks and other financial institutions. However, the term fintech encompasses both tech companies and …

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Why a Mortgage Company Needs Cyber Insurance

With increased cybersecurity awareness and preventative technology by small to Fortune 500 companies, criminals are still finding it fairly easy to identify and attack cyber weaknesses. Possessing risk-management technology is essential for the mortgage industry due to the sensitive personal and financial information they possess and are privy to. In general, risk-enhanced platforms are designed …

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