British Fintech Startups Raise Over €2.4 Billion

The British fintech market is perhaps one of the most fascinating hotspots for global fintech over the past few years, but especially since the pandemic hit. Once Brexit went into effect on January 31, 2020, the UK has been fighting to retain its powerful position in the European fintech market in perhaps unconventional ways. Earlier …

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UK Looks to Open Banking Apps for Fintech Boost

There’s no doubt that Brexit has left the UK in a tough spot regarding business competition. Now severed from the EU, Britain has had to get creative about how they will go forward to ensure they can remain dominant in their strongest industries and interconnected to their greatest reliable market. The fintech industry is easily …

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Britain Outlines Fintech Movement Post Brexit

After Brexit segregated Britain from the rest of the EU, many industries, including financial and the rapidly expanding fintech market, were at a loss at how they could remain competitive in the nearly 130 billion pound finance sector. In order to face this hurdle, Britain’s government has reviewed its financial policies to perhaps better retool …

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