Brazil’s Raises US $5.5 Million, Targets the Unbanked

Another day, another Brazilian Financial Technology company that is on a mission to redesign the landscape for banking in the country. On May 4th Brazilian digital bank or neobank announced a US $5.5 million Series A funding round led by Union Square Ventures (USV). Earlier this year, Brazil’s Nubank raised US $400 million in …

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Recent Homeowner News

The mortgage rate for 30-year mortgages have dropped over the past week. This marks the third straight week at which rates remained below 3%. Freddie Mac, a large American-based home mortgage company, recently reported that 30 – year fixed rate mortgages sit at a rate of 2.6%, while the 15 – year fixed rate mortgage …

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What is Cryptocurrency?

You have likely heard a lot recently about a new, exciting, and highly ambiguous form of currency. This currency does not come in the form of cash, notes, or prepaid cards; rather it exists entirely online. For most, cryptocurrency is a daunting and complex idea that cannot be easily understood. This article will break down …

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Fundamental Shift to Come in China’s Crackdown of Fintech Industry

The past couple of weeks has seen China’s government begin to crack down on its biggest innovators. Taking a page from the Ant Group playbook, China has imposed sweeping restrictions on the fast-growing financial divisions of 13 companies including Tencent, ByteDance,, Meituan and, Didi. The new requirements are much stricter regarding compliance when these …

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Blockchain Blockchain is the latest technology used in financial technology. Users often mistakenly associate blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies. Yes, on the one hand, digital assets and a decentralized system are inseparable. But cryptocurrencies are just one of the uses for blockchain. In fact, the scope of such technology is much wider, and many companies can …

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