Nigerian Fintech Startup Appzone Raises €8 Million

The global fintech sector has given opportunities to innovators from all around the world to generate new ideas and inventions based on circumstance. Africa is one of the world’s current fintech hotspots, especially countries such as Nigeria and Kenya, where innovations come from needs that wouldn’t be possible anywhere else. For example, the M-pesa money …

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Nigerian Fintech Bankly Revolutionizes Nation

Fintech is creating a worldwide movement of digitizing the way we handle money, whether that’s with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum, or how we make transactions with companies such as PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App. Fintech has been especially exciting to see in many African countries, where the need for modern technological amenities such as …

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Kenya Makes Major Strides in Fintech

COVID-19 has perhaps been the biggest recent reminder of just how global and interconnected our world has become over the past few decades. Similarly to how people have gained the ability to travel virtually anywhere on the planet and that more people will gain the accessibility to do so over time, knowledge has also gained …

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