How is Insurtech Impacting the Insurance Industry?

Insurance technology, or insurtech, is changing the insurance industry for the better. Insurtech appeals to a younger clientele, improves on the customer experience, and removes typical pain points of transactions.  What Exactly Are Customer Expectations? Mobile devices and the Internet are central to the average person’s life today. This impacts customer demands when it comes …

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How Technology has Revitalized Customer Service in 2021

Over the last few years, many industries have used technology to help improve their processes and efficiency. One aspect of business where technology can be especially valuable is customer service. This aspect has changed drastically over the last few years due to technology, and it is definitely better because of it. One industry that has …

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Insurtech is Causing Seismic Change in the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is one of the oldest financial industries. Insurance is often considered a dreaded and confusing task but it is an important aspect of everyday life and offsets the risk of unplanned or unfortunate circumstances. Insurance protects those that we love and things that we cherish, including our lives, family, pets, properties, tangible …

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