OnlineApplication: Team Bio’s

Karl Deeter – CEO Karl founded OnlineApplication in 2018 as a B2B technology firm for brokers to help originate and process mortgages and insurance processes into a 7 minute solution. Before founding OnlineApplication, Karl was the Director at in Dublin since 2016. Well versed in financial planning, financial operations, and compliance, he was deeply …

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Challenges Faced by Companies in Fintech

Revolution With the tremendous growth in the financial services industry with the boom of fintech start-ups and companies after the coronavirus pandemic, there have been some key challenges faced by the industry in dealing with the trends in innovation, consumer experience, and globalization.    Innovation With the constant disruption of trends and innovation of financial …

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Advice from Industry Leaders in Fintech

  By the year 2025, Fintech’s global  market will be  valued at an estimated amount of $305.7 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.17% over the next 4 years.       While the pandemic has paralyzed a large part of our lives, and business closing down the need for in person staff. While …

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Myth or Truth?

  With the growth of the financial technology industry, many people will fear the end off traditional financial services services and the complete takeover of  automation in all areas of wealth and services management.     Fintech will End Banking When spreadsheets became more common, people thought the need for accountants would cease to exist. When …

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Barclays Bank’s Rise to the Top

Barclays is a British banking group that chose Ireland as its main EU banking body in preparedness for Brexit. Barclays Bank Ireland became the largest bank in Ireland in 2020 once tens of billions of euros of assets were moved to Dublin. Its balance sheet came close to doubling in this same year, totaling almost …

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Why Housing Prices Are Going Up

Housing prices in Ireland have been rising at a shockingly fast pace. In April, housing prices increased at an annual rate of 4.5 percent. This is the fastest growth rate in housing prices documented over the past 2 ½ years in the country. Over a twelve-month period lasting until the end of April 2021, Dublin housing …

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