The Advancement of Automation

Though technologies of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are not new, recent advancements are pushing the limits of what devices can do. There have been remarkable developments of AI, machine learning, and robotics that are bringing automation to a whole new level. The intelligent automation lead of Avanade UK and Ireland, Max Vicino, discussed the …

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What is the Future of Fintech?

Dr. Anino Emuwa gives her thoughts on fintech investment and what that means for the future of the fintech industry. Dr. Emuwa is currently the Founder and Managing Director at Avandis Consulting, which is a financial advisory company in France.   In terms of global investment, the fintech industry has rebounded spectacularly this year with record-breaking …

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How Did the Pandemic Impact e-Commerce?

Many fintech sectors have been boosted by the pandemic and e-commerce is no exception. Due to extended periods of self-isolation, online shopping became more popular than ever before. Customers can order anything and everything online including food/beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, medicines, etc. Online shopping allowed customers to receive all of the products they needed while also …

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ESB Makes Cuts To Mortgage Rates

Many EBS customers will be able to save on their current mortgages after an announcement from the building society made a statement that the company will be cutting its three- and five-year mortgages by 0.15 percent. The new rate came into effect last Thursday. EBS is a financial institution of Ireland that services over 400,000 …

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How Can Ireland Expand Its Regtech Industry?

The most prominent industry in Ireland’s fintech sector has been payments for a long time. However, regulatory technology, or regtech, has quickly been growing and expanding its reach internationally.  Regtech is a bit less known because it does necessarily offer direct services to consumers. Instead, it includes technologies that allow regulated bodies, such as banks …

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New Anti-Money Laundering Reform in Ireland

Banks in Ireland have adopted what some consider to be “radical” reform measures from the EU. These new regulations regard anti-money-laundering guidelines that would have the bloc oversee the riskiest of firms and crypto traders.  The newly established authority of 250 employees will look for any transactions occurring across border lines that they find to …

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