New Anti-Money Laundering Reform in Ireland

Banks in Ireland have adopted what some consider to be “radical” reform measures from the EU. These new regulations regard anti-money-laundering guidelines that would have the bloc oversee the riskiest of firms and crypto traders.  The newly established authority of 250 employees will look for any transactions occurring across border lines that they find to …

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KPMG’s New Tech Competition

KPMG is a multinational professional services network. The Ireland branch is starting a new competition that will seek out the best tech innovator in the country. This competition will be accessible to tech entrepreneurs and start-up companies in Ireland that are either tech-enabled, tech-driven, tech-led, or plain technology.  Technology companies that apply must have operated …

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European Commission Prioritizes Sustainable Finance with New Strategy

The European Commission has set its sights on cutting greenhouse gas emissions by pushing the private sector to invest in sustainable projects, therefore helping the government finance the green transition.  The sustainable financial strategy that the Commission has come up with is called the ‘gold standard’ because of its included draft regulation that established a …

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Respond Delivers Social Homes in Cork

Amid the height of the pandemic in 2020, Respond was successful in providing 132 new affordable homes in Cork. According to statements found on Respond’s website, it is an Irish non-for-profit housing association that seeks to create homes for social investment instead of financial gain. Another of its goals is to supply homes to those …

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Can Traditional Banks Keep Up With Fintech?

In today’s innovative age, financial service customers now can complete almost all financial activities online. There has been a great expansion in digital banking services recently, pushing banks to think creatively as to how they can keep up with these fintechs.  Some people prefer going to a traditional bank to complete transactions, while many these …

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How to Fix Ireland’s Housing Crisis?

According to the Central Statistics Office of Ireland, residential home prices have gone up a whopping 74.5 percent from 2013 to 2019. This is a striking figure because average income has only gone up by 12 percent.  Rent prices have also increased significantly in this same period. A lease increase of 55.1 percent from 2013 …

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