What is the Future of Fintech?

Dr. Anino Emuwa gives her thoughts on fintech investment and what that means for the future of the fintech industry. Dr. Emuwa is currently the Founder and Managing Director at Avandis Consulting, which is a financial advisory company in France.   In terms of global investment, the fintech industry has rebounded spectacularly this year with record-breaking …

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How is Insurtech Impacting the Insurance Industry?

Insurance technology, or insurtech, is changing the insurance industry for the better. Insurtech appeals to a younger clientele, improves on the customer experience, and removes typical pain points of transactions.  What Exactly Are Customer Expectations? Mobile devices and the Internet are central to the average person’s life today. This impacts customer demands when it comes …

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What is Open Banking?

 Fintech is rapidly developing and innovating new products regularly. Open banking is one of these innovations that anyone interested in the industry should understand. Open banking is an approach to payments that allows for immediate transactions between two separate bank accounts. This can occur when all customers involved have complete control over their payments and …

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Crypto Companies Head to Ireland

Over time, Ireland has become one of the most desirable technological hubs for companies to create branches in. In particular, cryptocurrency companies are heading to the EU member state to help support their operations in Europe. The companies opening branches in Ireland are doing so with the hopes of filling new positions. The California-based cryptocurrency …

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The Relationship Between Fintech and SMEs

Throughout the last decade, the fintech sector has found much success. Looking forward, the sector is expecting to achieve even higher amounts of success and become completely different than ever witnessed before in the upcoming decade. New regulatory initiatives like the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and Open Banking were introduced to encourage competition within …

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Gemini Establishes New Base in Dublin

Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange that is currently constructing a center in Dublin to tend to the European market. This exchange is led by the Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler. The company was established in 2014 by the twins and is centrally based out of the United States. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss gained prominence from …

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