Tips for Insurers That Will Make 2021 a Success

With life slowly reverting back to pre-coronavirus conditions, companies are starting to look towards the future instead of putting so much focus on the now. This’ll become especially important as new technologies are introduced that can help to improve processes. In the insurance industry, there are many areas for improvement, so insurers who take advantage …

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In-Depth Look at What Entirely Composes Fintech Industry

Fintech is by far one of the most fascinating and explosive markets of the past decade, as growth and interest have increased substantially. For the most part, fintech is categorized by the simple definition that it is the marriage of finance and technology, usually involving distribution of typical financial services, such as bank transactions. Although …

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Three Innovations Changing the Mortgage Industry

With new technologies popping up in many industries, it is important for companies to stay updated on trends so that they don’t miss out on opportunities for improvement. Looking at the mortgage lending industry specifically, this could not be more true. Mortgage technology is changing the mortgage process for the better and both lenders and …

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