JD Technology Pulls IPO in Light of China’s Fintech Restructuring

China is perhaps now home to the world’s most interesting and confusing global fintech market. They have one of the world’s biggest economies, and are even accelerating with fintech startups and in the cryptocurrency space. China is actually the only country currently to have a digital currency, the digital yuan, circulating through their central bank, …

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Ant Group CEO Unexpectedly Steps Down

China has made suggestions that they want to become a fintech world epicenter, just as the United Kingdom and the United States have recently, but they seem to contradict themselves in some aspects. If they’re going to excel in any department of fintech, cryptocurrency would probably be the most expected route. This is mainly because …

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Beijing Cracks Down on Alibaba Rival Tencent

It’s no secret that China has become one of the world’s leaders in exports, as they are able to produce massive quantities of goods for often far cheaper than other countries such as the United States and Japan. Alibaba is an e-commerce company that is able to sell almost any product globally at extremely low …

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