How to Apply for a Mortgage

July 13, 2021
Anjali Prasad

Navigating the mortgage loan process can be stressful and sometimes overwhelming. If you are a first time home buyer or have never applied for a mortgage loan online, things may feel complicated before starting. Here are some tips to note when navigating through this process.

Things to do Prior to Filling out the Mortgage application process

  1. Confirm that your credit score is looking good and error free
  2. Have an idea of the type of mortgage you are looking for applying for
  3. Research your lenders and make comparisons between online applications and the banks that you’d like to apply through
  4. Assemble your loan paperwork and documents 
  5. Make sure to have your information ready…and Schedule a Demo

When Applying with Online Application!

Schedule a Demo by filling out your name, email, company and your query in the submission boxes. Once your request for application goes through a demo will be scheduled in order for the next steps to be started. 

The customer journey from start to finish couldn’t be easier. IN a matter of minutes you can upload your documents and be approved for the process of acquisition without any third party brokerage. This system breaks down any previous banking ways of getting mortgages through traditional methods. WIth our highly developed SAS products, ONlineApplication is one of many which automates the entire process. The software is highly developed, constantly updated, and with easy to use features for first time users. 

This method has not only been a game changer for mortgage brokers in Ireland but with future plans to expand outside of Ireland, this will become a big player in the way traditional financial institutions handle mortgage lending. 

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