Why don’t people switch mortgages more often?

November 17, 2020

Our mission is to make mortgages and insurance easier, faster, and better for everybody. It’s really that simple. So when we hear that around 100,000 people are passing up on an average of €10,000 by not switching it really strikes home that the perception must be that the process is so painful that you should avoid it at any cost!

That’s just not true, with our system you can have an application done in about seven minutes, we’ve seen clients get through all of their documentation in under a half hour and after that our automated processes and solutions mean that you are through the bulk of the up front work required!

The biggest brokers in Ireland are now working with us and that means the barriers are falling when it comes to being able to get things done quicker, so don’t let inertia cost you €10,000! Talk to you broker today – and ideally one who uses OnlineApplication so you can get through a refinance faster than anywhere else.

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