Which Fintech Companies to Watch for Mortgages in the USA

November 20, 2020
Eliza Butler

The fintech industry has flourished in the last couple of decades due to developments in mobile technology. Online banking and financial alternatives that were once rare have become the new norm and the mortgage industry is no different. A few top companies to watch in fintech for mortgages are Blend, Guaranteed Rate, and Nerdwallet. 


Blend is a consumer lending based industry in San Francisco, California. The automated loan portal of Blend simplifies the method of loan and provides borrowers with a more straightforward look at their finances. In order to build a program that automates and accelerates the loan process from mortgages to car loans, the application integrates low maintenance pre-approval procedures with fast data review methods. Blend provides large financial institutions, including Wells Fargo, US Bank, and BMO Harris, with the resources they need to handle billions of dollars of loans per day.


Guaranteed Rate is a mortgage and lending focused corporation operating in Chicago, Illinois. Guaranteed Rate is a mortgage supplier and loan provider that connects homeowners and others looking to refinance current mortgages with digital options. The company’s wireless home mortgage helps borrowers, all electronically, to obtain loan approval as well as access and sign appropriate papers.


Lastly, Nerdwallet is a company that specializes in credit cards, mortgages, insurance, and loans. Based in San Francisco, California, Nerdwallet offers many financial instruments, tools, and services. Most notably credit card and bank comparisons, investment information, loan information, and mortgage advising. The company’s offerings help customers manage and navigate the crowded and sometimes frustrating realms of business, savings, insurance, and banking. 


Source: https://builtin.com/fintech/fintech-companies-startups-to-know

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