The Top 5 Social Media Tips for FinTechs

April 21, 2021
Jacques Potts


In today’s society, everything that we need to know is 99% of the time going to be located on the Internet. With that being said, it is important for fintech companies to be transparent with social media to fully utilize their service. Social media usage in financial services has increased tremendously during the pandemic. The pandemic has caused FinTech companies to change the way that they interact with their companies on a daily basis. This major shift in how business was conducted means that FinTech companies have to be laser-focused with their social media approach.

With so many new FinTech companies receiving funding and entering the financial technology sector, it is crucial for FinTech companies to be able to market themselves in the best way possible. Effective marketing can help these companies stay competitive and expand their reach.


#1- Be yourself

  • The one thing that customers dislike is someone portraying to be something that they are not. It’s always a better ending and feeling when your company is staying true to its nature. That way, customers will be able to gravitate towards your company for authenticity. Being yourself is much genuine than giving your audience misleading information.

#2- Be consistent

  • In all aspects of your social media management, you need to be consistent. Consistency is key when building a long-term relationship with your audience. Consistency isn’t just the timing of the post, but it’s bigger than that. You have to be consistent with your brand. Your brand needs to be reflective of your company’s values and the image that they’re trying to aim for. If your post is all over the place with no clear pattern, customers may not know what your organization stands for.

#3- Have clear outcomes

  • Don’t be a business or organization that posts regularly without a strategy or goal in sight. This isn’t optimal, and your audience can pick up on jibberish. Take your time and come up with specific, measurables, and achievable goals for your company. When using SMART goals, you are able to accurately map out the specifications of what your goals are. This is an advantage over competitors because this simple tool can help you become efficient while still being effective.

#4- Engage with your audience

  • Building a community is one of the quickest ways to build customer loyalty. Being human and having conversations with your audience will benefit you in ways that you can’t imagine. Your company needs to respond in a quick manner to the audience whenever they have questions as well as taking creatives approaches to reach customers.

#5- Take advantage of the Analytics

  •  Analytics are your best friend. Analytics can help you to identify what marketing efforts aren’t working well so you can avoid making the same mistake. To fully maximize the analytics, whenever you discover a pattern that works best for your company, you should start moving your efforts in that direction.

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