The top 5 hottest mortgage tech companies in Chicago in 2021

April 26, 2021
Jacques Potts

Banks can provide the right level of security and peace to their account holders by collaborating with fintech startups.

For example, the mortgage industry stands to benefit greatly from new lending technologies.

Here we list the top 5 mortgage tech companies based in Chicago:

  1. A and N Mortgage Services

A and N Mortgage Services offer high-quality mortgage plans tailored to customer needs at affordable rates to clients in the Chicago area. It is the company that provides home loan expertise as well as real estate buying and selling expertise. Their team of mortgage experts is available 24/7 and offers the best mortgage and real estate solutions possible. As the company itself says, they offer a variety of items to help you make your dream of being a homeowner come true.

  1. Blueleaf Lending

It is a company that specializes in short-term loans.

Blueleaf Lending works with clients in Chicago to create custom lending solutions. In the residential, industrial, and business lending industries, the company has nearly 50 years of experience. Clients can expect excellent rates, structures, and personalized loan strategies tailored to their specific needs and budgets.

The family-owned and operated business is dedicated to providing customer support at all times. Blueleaf Lending has the infrastructure, processes, and industry experience needed to get loans approved and closed quickly. With loan progress monitoring, the firm provides clients with the peace of mind they need.

  1. First Chicago Mortgage Services 

First Chicago Mortgage Services provides expert mortgage services and loan products to clients in the Chicago area. The company is an Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee that specializes in securing mortgage loans for first responders, active reservists, veterans, and municipal employees.

  1. First Chicago Mortgage Services

They provide competitive rates, personalized goods, and customer support. Purchase money loan services, refinancing, rate, and loan period options, and reverse mortgages are all available through the company. Their team of mortgage professionals is dedicated to supporting clients in the whole mortgage process.

  1. Crown Mortgage Company

Crown Mortgage Company uses new technologies to close home loans quickly for clients in the Chicago area. The firm has extensive mortgage loan expertise and manages client cases from start to finish, including origination, funding, and servicing. Crown Mortgage Company has over 40 years of experience in the mortgage loan industry. Clients can expect to work with competent and experienced mortgage consultants who provide all needed support. Fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages, FHA, VA, Jumbo, Balloon, and interest-only loans are among the items offered by the Illinois and Indiana Residential Mortgage Licensee to meet the needs of individual clients. In addition, the firm specializes in HARP refinancing, reverse mortgages, and phased payment plans.

*information taken from official sites of these companies

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