Super Connect for Good Tech Competition Returns in 2021

July 2, 2021
Makayla Santino

Hays, a recruitment firm, will be collaborating with Empact Ventures to facilitate a competition, Super Connect for Good, for technology start-ups and scale-ups. Though Hays and Empact Ventures are the main partners in the creation of the competition, there are many other companies in collaboration with them to make Super Connect for Good possible. 

The first of this competition was held last year in 2020 and proved to be a massive hit. The competition is actively looking for companies that are positively influencing spheres of education, healthcare, community, and public services through their technology. The competition provides tech companies across Europe incredible opportunities for collaboration. 

The intention of Super Connect for Good is to be a platform that highlights new start-ups and scale-ups that are having beneficial effects on people’s lives with technology. Additionally, the competition is a platform that contributes support and networking opportunities that can help boost the companies to the next level. The contest is open to all start-ups that are creating helpful change in various areas of society. Start-ups in the seed stage and scale-ups at Series A-B are eligible for participation in the competition. 

Super Connect for Good will be set in five domains throughout the UK and Ireland and five regions across Europe. The UK and Ireland regions include the North, South, London, Island of Ireland, and the combined region of Scotland and Wales. The five divisions across Europe will be D-A-C-H & Nordic countries, France, BeNeLuX, Southern & Centre Europe, and Eastern Europe. 

Companies can apply and their applications will be reviewed by a committee of experts, entrepreneurs, funders, and professionals. Of all the applicants, the committee will select 100 companies to pitch their business at the Top 100 Innovation Showcase on September 30th, 2021. The top 10 of each innovation category will then face each other to hopefully place in the final Top 10 for Good. There will also be regional winners. 

Of all the applications, regional judges will choose 10 Regional Winners that will pitch at a Virtual Final held on November 18th, 2021. These 10 regional winners will then go head to head with one another to become the Overall Champion of Super Connect for Good 2021. More concisely, there will be 21 winners in total throughout the entire competition. These winners consist of the overall winner, 10 regional winners, and 10 innovation stream winners. 

Super Connect for Good is highly anticipated by many in the tech industry throughout Europe. It will be interesting to see the companies selected for participation by the committee in the near future. 




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