Respected Financial Investor Promotes Startup Pollinate

March 18, 2021
Kevin Larkin

Alastair Lukies, who is among one of the top business advisors of UK prime minister Boris Johnson, has led the charge in investing in a British-based fintech company. Lukies was among some of the first investors in technology giants such as Twitter and Trivago back when those were mere startups. Based on his general expertise and ability to make good predictions in the technology sector, it seems that it would be wise to follow some of his recent fintech advice. This should be no surprise either, as Lukies is one of this fintech’s co-founders. The company is called Pollinate, and according to Lukies it “helps launch new services that reinvent the payments and financial services sector.” This news comes fairly recent after the company received a government sponsored review which promoted a multitude of measures which are aimed to boost the sector.

Pollinate is still a very young company, being founded in 2019 by Lukies, Jonathan Hughes, Fiona Roach Canning, and Tim Joslyn. This comes after Lukies’ recent endeavors of creating Montise, which is a payment platform partnered with MasterCard, and growing it to be worth at least 1.2 billion. He began his position as a business advisor back in 2014 and has been a critical asset for the prime minister and the larger UK fintech market for over half a decade now. His newest venture Pollinate has caught many people’s attention with his enthusiasm and confidence in the project, akin to Elon Musk’s push towards bitcoin turned the global fintech world on its head. As of late, Pollinate has already raised over €84 million from investors worldwide. Liukies made statements saying how SMEs, or small and medium enterprises, are the backbone for global economies, and that they are the ones who innovate and create jobs for future generations to come. “Access to capital, intuitive banking services and a broad ecosystem of value-added solutions and partners are critical to the journey of a small business owner.” 

Emmet Keeffe III, who’s an operating partner with Insight Partners, has said that banks have the ability to take over the SME industry, but must move quickly as it will be a very competitive space, as are most things in the fintech world. For example, the world seems to be in a cryptocurrency frenzy as they all compete to become the world’s crypto exchange epicenter, including the US, Britain, and China. Banks that move quickly with innovation, but remember to keep in mind safety and security regulations, have the best chance at being successful.

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