OnlineApplication Partners with Independent Property Price Index

June 30, 2021
Sarah Gormley

NovaUCD company Independent Property Price Index (iPPi) has chosen to collaborate with our company, OnlineApplication, to help improve customer service. With OnlineApplication specializing in mortgage technology and iPPi specializing in property technology, this duo will work very well together to make the mortgage process faster and easier.

Founded by Kenneth Kelly, iPPi is a digital platform that allows estate agents and valuers to analyze stock prices of the past and present, as well as prices of residential property in Ireland. Their plans consist of using the initial property estimation in the mortgage process to make the process easier. They have recently been recognized by the Irish Times as one of a hundred hot startups.

To produce accurate estimates very quickly, OnlineApplication and iPPi will combine their property tech and mortgage tech expertise to improve the mortgage process for all parties. Prospective buyers will be able to create a mortgage application within minutes using our technology. In addition, banks will receive extremely accurate iPPi instant Eircode based estimates of value.

Kenneth Kelly speaks on the reason that his company decided to team up with OnlineApplication despite the competition between the world of mortgage tech and the world of property tech: “When matched with OnlineApplication’s ‘underwriting AI’ solution, it will give near-instant approvals with accuracy that can normally only be achieved by an experienced loan manager with far more documentation and lots of time on their hands.” Kelly believes that joining forces with mortgage tech companies will be beneficial — we are about to prove that it is.

OnlineApplications CEO Karl Deeter commented on this collaboration saying that “This is where you see the power of different elements of property tech and mortgage tech joining forces for a common good, which is driven ultimately by better customer service. Each of the solutions is impressive in its own right, but game-changers when put together as part of an end-to-end solution.”

At OnlineApplication, we pride ourselves on the ability to make mortgages and insurance easier, faster, and better for everyone. We have taken a mortgage process that typically takes weeks to complete and turned it into a task that can be completed in has already been adopted by most of the large mortgage brokers in Ireland and are very excited to be working with iPPi in the future. We want to help you make your customers’ lives easier. Check out our home page to learn more about us and how we can help you!



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