Lunu Accelerates World’s Crypto Payments

February 27, 2021
Kevin Larkin

Some major questions owners of bitcoin have had going forward are which companies and banks will be willing to allow them to transact in cryptos, which currencies will be compatible with their services, and how seamless will it be compared to transactions in standard currencies such as euros or pounds. Well revolutionary new fintech startup Lunu has made it their mission to make the process or crypto transactions easy, at the tip of your fingers, and in a beautiful package. The device to scan is similar to those in retailers which allow you to both use card transactions and digital payment services such as Apple and Android Pay. Not only does it allow for crypto payments from your smartphone, but almost any digital contactless payment service such as cards. Lunu along with crypto in general are paving the way even further for a contactless, cashless society, where all of your important banking information can be accessed in your digital wallet.

Lunu’s technology is far more sophisticated than the current contactless scanners that exist in many parts of the world today. Lunu’s reader is built with patented technology to prevent arbitrage opportunities and allow instant transactions. It’s also able to deliver decentralized and competitive exchange rates directly on its platform while making transactions. It also has a widget that allows e-commerce platforms to be integrated with ease, while their digital wallet provides customers with a place to store their digital assets as well as the ability to exchange them for fiat currency at low commission rates. Innovating the fintech sector and remaining extremely competitive are two of Lunu’s biggest advantages right now, as they are able to offer only a 1% processing fee for transactions, which is unmatchable by competitors such as Mastercard and Visa. In addition, Lunu goes the extra step of converting transactions into fiat, so merchants have no need to worry about holding onto digital assets.

Similar to visionaries like Elon Musk, Lunu has the mentality that for humanity to evolve, there must be those who are willing and daring to invest in the future. Lunu chief marketing officer Vadim Grigoryan has stated that “since money is fundamentally a mental abstraction of symbolic representation of value, what money is and what it will be, can be limited only by human imagination. At Lunu Solutions, we believe that the future of money will be digital, and we encourage this money metamorphosis by creating an ecosystem of integrating cryptos into real life.” This mentality along with the track they’re currently on of getting ahead in the future will lead them to experience nothing but immeasurable success.

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