Ireland Becomes Highest European Target for Cybersecurity Attacks

July 27, 2021
Sarah Gormley

Ireland is quickly becoming a desirable technological hub for companies to create new branches. Many companies have taken advantage of this, heading to the EU member state to help support their operations. Now as fintech in Ireland rises, so does the risk of security breaches. The mobile security firm CWSI’s latest report has discovered that out of all European countries, Irish businesses are the largest targets for cybersecurity attacks. 

A European survey shows us that 54% of Irish companies have come out saying they have seen a rise in cybersecurity breach attempts within the last year. In comparison, the average in Europe is around 42%. In addition, the report confirms that 12% of Irish organizations have been victims of a phishing attack on a mobile device. While this number may seem small, it is not. Phishing is seen as the highest cybersecurity threat in the EU member state.

What is most worrisome is the number of companies that have taken security seriously. The report shows that only 68% of Irish organizations have completed mobile security awareness training, meaning 32% of organizations did not care to do so. In addition, only 35% regularly test their system for flaws. 

Looking at the bright side of security, many companies have confidence in their ability to secure data on mobile devices and protect their customers’ information. To be more specific, CWSI reports that 86% of companies in Ireland feel this way. The issue here is that many of the companies that feel they have a secure network that can prevent cybersecurity attacks are the ones who are facing these attacks. Ronan Murphy, CEO of CWSI, comments on the issue of companies being ignorant, saying: “Many business and IT leaders are overconfident in their ability to protect data from loss or theft, without the necessary security measures to back this up, and there is a clear disparity and false sense of security here which needs to be addressed.”

As every industry is facing the need for workers to be able to work remotely due to the pandemic preventing in-person activity, the need for security is at an all-time high. This spike in cybersecurity attacks should be seen as a call to action for organizations to reconsider their security protocol. It is recommended that all companies with an online presence proof their cybersecurity infrastructure. 


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