Fintech Unicorns Approach Half a Trillion in Total Combined Worth

April 12, 2021
Connor Cassidy

Around the globe from Hong Kong to San Francisco to London, there are 96 fintech unicorns valued at at least one billion US. Collectively they are all worth US $404 billion, according to CB Insights. They are well known names like Robinhood and Strip in the United States to Wise in the United Kingdom. The US has the most at 46, making it the largest hub for fintech unicorns in the world! The largest fintech in the US is Stripe, an Irish American startup that deals with online payment processing for internet business and is currently valued at around US $95 billion.

After the US, the United Kingdom comes in at a not so close second with 13 fintech players. The UK’s top performer is, located in London and carries out the same tasks as Stripe, valued at about US $15 billion. Following them is China in third with eight fintech unicorns and India with three.

By region, the Americas are home to 51 unicorns, four in Brazil and one in Uruguay. Asia Pacific (APAC) is the world’s second largest home with 21, followed closely by Europe with 20!

The trend in 2021 so far has seen a sharp increase since 2020, adding 20 fintech unicorns since the first of January. To give you some perspective, in all of 2020 there were just 19 and 2021 could definitely challenge 2019’s all-time high amount of 27. Among the 20 unicorns that reached the elusive one billion US dollar status this year, ten have been in the US including Robinhood rival WeBull, a Chinese owned brokerage and one of the fastest growing online trading platforms in the US when it raised a US $150 million in its latest funding round last month. Followed by four in the UK, Israel and Austria also welcomed their first unicorns this year.

Around the world, there are currently about 600 private business that have obtained billion-dollar valuations. These startups, most of them tech, are worth over US $2 Trillion! They all have a combined fund-raising total of US $426 billion. When you dive deeper into the segments you will find that across all segments Internet software and fintech services as the most well represented group, accounting for 15% of all billion dollar unicorns. Following close behind is e-commerce and direct to consumer brands, both with 12%. Finally, we have artificial intelligence, an up-and-coming sector that will no doubt have a huge influence on society, at eight percent.

You may be wondering what is the most valuable of all these private unicorns? As of late, TikTok’s parent ByteDance is the only private business to obtain what is known in the industry as a “hectocorn” that’s worth at least US $100 billion! ByteDance is currently the most valuable start up in the world! After a single hectocorn there are 31 “decacorns” worth US $10 billion or more. These include Stripe, Robinhood, and One97 Communications, valued at US $16 billion it’s the operator of India’s largest e-commerce and mobile payments platform Paytm.


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