Colombian Telemedicine Startup, 1Doc3, raises US $3 Million

April 16, 2021
Connor Cassidy

In the United States and Europe, the pandemic has made telemedicine visits to your doctor more commonplace than ever before. Unfortunately, in Latin America, this is not the case where widespread internet is not available as well as it becoming more and more difficult to reach your primary doctor when you’re feeling under the weather and 1Doc3 wants to change that. “I’m on a nice MacBook for this interview, but that’s not the case of most people in Latin America,” said Javier Cardona, co-founder and CEO of 1Doc3. They accomplish this by using artificial intelligence to do symptom assessments, triage, and pre-diagnosis before creating a connection between the patient and the doctor. “In 97% of our consultations, you’re connected to a doctor in a matter of minutes,” Cardona said. After the patient is finished with their visit, they can also have prescriptions delivered to their home through 1Doc3. Like many other startups in this space, they are trying to close the gap so ill patients can receive care as quickly as possible without having to leave their homes.

The company is a play on the phonetics of one, two, three in Spanish and is using text and chat to provide access to care for thousands. On April 16, they announced a pre-Series A funding round led by MatterScale Ventures and Kayyak Ventures that raised an astonishing US $3 million. This round brings the total amount 1Doc3 has raised to over US $5 million.

The company was founded in 2013 and was one of the finalists in TechCrunch’s Latin American Battlefield in 2018 and has experienced massive growth over the past year going from 2,500 patients a day to over 35,000! This has allowed 1Doc3 to become cash flow positive and in March said it had US $120,000 in monthly recurring revenue. Like many startups, the idea came to Javier through personal experience, “When I was in Tanzania, I had a medical need and I was definitely not going to go to a doctor in Tanzania, and I couldn’t reach any doctor online, not even in the U.S., and I became a little obsessed with this problem,” said Cardona, who was working in the Middle East and Africa at the time.

In addition to having a presence in Colombia, 1Doc3 has already set up operations in Mexico and plans to use a portion of the three million to expand further in this market as well as building out its marketing and sales team to drive more traffic to its platform, something that it has never done before.

The company gets ahold of customers directly by establishing a relationship with a business that pays for the employees’ healthcare through the startup. One of CEO Javier Cardona’s main goals is to bring down the price it charges per employee so that medium and small business can get in on the action as well, as it stands now it charges about US $3-4 per month per employee. “For big companies, the money isn’t an issue, but our region is comprised of small to medium-sized businesses,” Cardona said.


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