5 Prominent FinTech Collaborations in Europe in July 2021

July 30, 2021
Makayla Santino

As fintech becomes more popularized than ever before, there are more and more collaborations occurring across the industry. There are many benefits of these partnerships including cost enhancements where revenue can grow faster, more cheaply, and with less risk. Below is a list of five prominent fintech partnerships throughout Europe established in July 2021.

SIA and Banking Circle

SIA is a top European tech company with a focus on payment and infrastructure services. Banking Circle partnered with SIA to establish an instant payment service, TARGET Instant Payment Settlement (TIPS), in the European region. 

The partnership will also reap benefits for Banking Circle customers who will now benefit from SIA’s and Colt as Network Service Providers’ connection to Eurosystem Single Market Infrastructure Gateway (ESMIG). SIAnet, a protected hi-speed network infrastructure, was developed to abide by all requirements of instant payments in terms of operation, dependability, and security. 

KLARA and Credit Suisse

KLARA is based in Switzerland and offers digital services to help take care of simple administrative tasks efficiently. Credit Suisse is an international investment bank and financial services company that is also based in Switzerland. 

With the collaboration, private clients are able to experience the benefits of open banking. Clients that are remote are now able to make their payments through a newly developed ePost app from KLARA. 

Arcadier and Exberry

Arcadier is a leading SaaS marketplace provider that delivers technologies to companies while Exberry focuses on marketplace and exchange technology. 

The partnership allows Arcadier’s marketplace administrators to provide online trading for their buyers and sellers to deliver a customer-driven buying experience. At the same time, customers of Exberry will have access to the technology and market infrastructure of Arcadier to develop their own customizable marketplace.

NeoXam and Kalaxis

NeoXam is a financial software editor and Kalaxis is a consulting firm that focuses on aiding financial institutions in reducing their market data expenditures. 

The partnership came about to combine the intelligence and abilities of both companies to produce improved consultancy and new software solutions. Further, the collaboration will produce a report that will determine all areas of possible savings which can be very helpful for customers in the long run.

Comdirect and 21Shares

Comdirect is an online German direct bank and 21Shares AG is a provider of cryptocurrency Exchange Trade Products (ETPs). Within the collaboration, 21Shares was established a the exclusive provider of physically-backed cryptocurrency ETPs to Comdirect’s savings plan program. 

There are currently 11 of 21Share’s ETP listings available on Comdirect’s online platform with zero commissions. The collaboration of these two companies will be the first time investors that opt to add cryptocurrency assets to their own savings accounts.




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