New Green Mortgages Offered By AIB

AIB’s broker-focused section recently introduced a green mortgage that offers competitively low rates, one of the lowest out there. The four-year fixed rate by Haven is set at 2.15 percent. Both existing and new homeowners can take advantage of this new offering. Further, the rate is acceptable regardless of the loan-to-value ratio.  In typical situations, …

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American Express Partners with Fintech Firms to Promote Online Mortgaging

Credit card companies and fintech firms are beginning to see the great effects of partnering. American Express (Amex) has just announced its partnership with two fintech companies to help market for customers looking for home loans. This partnership is the latest benefit for cardholders as well as another example of financial institutions partnering with fintech …

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OnlineApplication Partners with Independent Property Price Index

NovaUCD company Independent Property Price Index (iPPi) has chosen to collaborate with our company, OnlineApplication, to help improve customer service. With OnlineApplication specializing in mortgage technology and iPPi specializing in property technology, this duo will work very well together to make the mortgage process faster and easier. Founded by Kenneth Kelly, iPPi is a digital platform …

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5 Simple Steps to Begin the Mortgage Application Process

With technology provided by, beginning a mortgage application is easier than ever before. In only five simple steps, your customers will be able to start an application online, making the experience more efficient for all. 1. What Best Describes You? The first question the program poses is ‘what best describes you?’ The customer will …

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What Exactly is Fintech?

Fintech, a shortened term for financial technology, has witnessed many successful developments in the past few years. Fintech is an encompassing term that covers any technology that can be used to redesign and streamline the traditional methods of financial services. It can, however, be broken down further into a variety of smaller categorizations. Just to …

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OnlineApplication: Team Bio’s

Karl Deeter – CEO Karl founded OnlineApplication in 2018 as a B2B technology firm for brokers to help originate and process mortgages and insurance processes into a 7 minute solution. Before founding OnlineApplication, Karl was the Director at in Dublin since 2016. Well versed in financial planning, financial operations, and compliance, he was deeply …

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