How is Insurtech Impacting the Insurance Industry?

Insurance technology, or insurtech, is changing the insurance industry for the better. Insurtech appeals to a younger clientele, improves on the customer experience, and removes typical pain points of transactions.  What Exactly Are Customer Expectations? Mobile devices and the Internet are central to the average person’s life today. This impacts customer demands when it comes …

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How Can Ireland Expand Its Regtech Industry?

The most prominent industry in Ireland’s fintech sector has been payments for a long time. However, regulatory technology, or regtech, has quickly been growing and expanding its reach internationally.  Regtech is a bit less known because it does necessarily offer direct services to consumers. Instead, it includes technologies that allow regulated bodies, such as banks …

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5 Simple Steps to Begin the Mortgage Application Process

With technology provided by, beginning a mortgage application is easier than ever before. In only five simple steps, your customers will be able to start an application online, making the experience more efficient for all. 1. What Best Describes You? The first question the program poses is ‘what best describes you?’ The customer will …

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OnlineApplication: Team Bio’s

Karl Deeter – CEO Karl founded OnlineApplication in 2018 as a B2B technology firm for brokers to help originate and process mortgages and insurance processes into a 7 minute solution. Before founding OnlineApplication, Karl was the Director at in Dublin since 2016. Well versed in financial planning, financial operations, and compliance, he was deeply …

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Blockchain Blockchain is the latest technology used in financial technology. Users often mistakenly associate blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies. Yes, on the one hand, digital assets and a decentralized system are inseparable. But cryptocurrencies are just one of the uses for blockchain. In fact, the scope of such technology is much wider, and many companies can …

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