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A Financial Influencer or 'Finfluencer,'  is someone who uses social media to share their knowledge and expertise on financial topics. 'Finfluencers,' are known for solving problems and presenting information in an easy-to-understand format. 

These people have gained credibility by providing helpful advice to people all over the world. TikTok influencers who are successful know how to present content in an entertaining manner that gets them noticed on this massive platform.

Many members of the Finfluencer community regularly share videos on how to manage money, save, buy cryptocurrency, and even invest in the latest stocks.

Here we list the top 10 Finfluencers you need to follow on Tiktok to help you increase your financial literacy:

1) Erika Kullberg, an ex-corporate lawyer based in New York City. After paying off her student loan in two years, Kullberg discovered a passion for assisting others with personal finance. Kullberg's TikTok videos provide users with retail, investing, employment, and legal advice. Her most popular video is one about how to get free Nike shoe replacements using the company's two-year warranty.


Tiktok followers: 9 million 

2) Mark Tilbury, an English entrepreneur,  offers tips and explanations on how to invest, save money, and negotiate your way to becoming a millionaire. His most watched video shows you what real millionaires buy.


Titkok followers: 7.2 million

3) Duke Tax, aka Duke Alexander Moore. Moore's videos teach his viewers about taxes for creators and entrepreneurs, as well as personal finance advice. His most popular video summarizes President Biden's stimulus plan, explaining how people can claim the checks and how to file this on a tax return.


Tiktok followers: 3.4 million

4) Brandon Schlichter, aka Investment Joy, shares his rental properties and businesses, investing tips, and financial education. His most watched video displays how much money his laundromat made in a single day.


TIktok followers: 3.4 million

5) Tatiana Londono,  a real estate coach and investor, from Montreal, Canada shares content which focuses on business and real estate advice, as well as how to make and invest money. Her most popular video highlights three high-paying jobs that can be obtained without a college degree (electrician, plumber, and real estate photographer).


Titkok followers: 2.7 million

6) Milan Singh, a young financial expert who discusses a variety of subjects, from credit cards to how much it costs to operate a Domino's. His Tiktok channel is packed with absolutely fantastic money-saving tips, from how to haggle your internet bill to how you can save money with Adidas' replacement policy. He stumbled across this route, like many others, but he's embraced it, and that could provide you a lot of useful knowledge. 


Tiktok followers: 2.5 million

7) Preston Seo, also known as the Legacy Investing Show, teaches viewers how to achieve 'financial freedom' through investing, real estate, and personal finance, with a focus on Airbnb rentals. Seo's most watched video shares his favorite stock trading platform, Public. 


Tiktok followers: 2.4 million

8) Tori Dunlap, is the most active creator in the top 10 with over 2,000 TikTok posts. Dunlap's channel offers free personal finance and investing advice. She quit her corporate marketing job and started her TikTok account to teach other women how to build wealth and fight patriarchy. She considers herself a financial feminist. Her most popular video discusses how to invest and why it is important.


Tiktok followers: 2.3 million 

9) John Liang, is a real estate investor who uses his YouTube channel to share investing, credit card, retail, employment, and money-making advice. His most popular video reveals the low costs of manufacturing luxury brand products and how much markup is added.


Tiktok followers: 2.1 million

10) Vivian Tu, aka Your Rich BFF, is an ex-Wall Street trader who uses her TikTok platform to share money-saving tips, stock picks, and cryptocurrency investments. Her most popular video explains what to do if you win the lottery. Tu began educating people about personal finance after realizing that most people, including financial employees, knew very little about it. 


Tiktok followers: 2.1 million