Blog 01

The fact that self driving cars are accepted as being entirely viable but that people still laugh when you talk about creating a ‘ten minute mortgage’ shows how far off the market the financial services industry has gotten in relation to innovation and speed of development. 

Teaching a car how to navigate the real world with all of the chaos it involves seems like every engineers worst nightmare (or dream come true depending on how you look a ta challenge!), but a super fast mortgage is considered ‘impossible’. 

This needs to chnage and it should be the case that nothing is seen as being outside of the realm of being ‘improvable’.

Mortgagetech is a way to change this dynamic, with enough connected information, rapid processing and clearer credit decisioning you'll be able to do a mortgage with a fingerprint one day, that's in the distant future, so in the ‘here and now’ our plan is to bridge the gap as best we can until that fateful day comes!