Blockchain Blockchain is the latest technology used in financial technology. Users often mistakenly associate blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies. Yes, on the one hand, digital assets and a decentralized system are inseparable. But cryptocurrencies are just one of the uses for blockchain. In fact, the scope of such technology is much wider, and many companies can …

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FinTech trends that you should know

After the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the development of financial technology has accelerated. Fintech’s growth is expected to continue as more companies migrate online and customers respond to using fintech solutions to simplify financial transactions. From retail and banking to financial consultancy services, fintech will begin to change the economy in the coming months. …

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Why your business should know about Fintech

The way businesses operate has fundamentally changed as a result of technological advancements. One example is financial technology. It has transformed the way small, medium, and large businesses process and uses their financial data. However, there is a great deal of both accurate and incorrect knowledge about financial technology, as for any other technological advancement. …

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What will Fintech replace?

  Nowadays, the world’s largest banks are being forced to adjust to new realities as start-up entrepreneurs challenge traditional financial institutions’ authority and monopoly. Fintech startups, for example, are widely used by customers in both developed and emerging economies. Their benefit is that they provide clients with simple, convenient, transparent, and more personalized solutions. Since …

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FinTech and blockchain

  Blockchain and cryptocurrencies appeared in 2008. And this influenced the development of financial relations. For the first time, financial transactions became anonymous and decentralized. This is how the principle of decentralization began to develop.  Everyone could “make money” for themselves, create their own cryptocurrency and provide it with something. Thus, the world of finance …

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History of FinTech

    Financial technology helps financial services and companies manage the financial aspects of a business.  These include: – Software – Applications – Processes – Business models. Fintech companies are often associated with start-ups in markets that were previously dominated by banks and other financial institutions. However, the term fintech encompasses both tech companies and …

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